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THAILAND SHOW PROGRAM New Thai show-program. It is a tale about beautiful princess who comes from exotic country - Thailand. The Play is decorated to show the colourful dresses, exciting music and dancers plastic. Show gives you a feeling of being at magic ritual at Thai temple.

New Japanese show programme

You will feel the magic world of the Land of the Rising Sun and open the veil of the the charm of Japanese geishas, whose gesture and look is full of hidden meaning. You will also see a warlike and unforgettable fiery dance of the Samurais. Japanese show will introduce you with enigmatic traditions and culture of Japan. Traditional Japanese music at the beginning of the show, which gradually turns into modern Japanese rock, will not leave you indifferent.

Foto by Makss


New Kazakh show program offer you to plunge into the hot and sunny Kazakhstan. Girls-hunters dance warlike dance with cold weapons. Dance of the Oriental warriors will force to shiver everyone, but Asian motives will resemble countries of the Far East. Fast and energetic music will not leave indifferent any single spectator.


This show program contains the most popular traditions of the Ancient Egypt, unification of the Lower and Upper Egypt, mystery of the ancient Egyptian temple, resurrection of the mummy, which later turns into a princess and meet her prince. Girls-priestesses, snakes and many ancient Egyptian secrets as well as bright costumes and music will help you to get there, where all this started, where the great culture was born.


Cheerful and passionate Balkan fusion show won’t leave anyone indifferent! Variable Balkan tempos will draw you in highlanders’ dance vortex. Charming maidens dance czardas (traditional Hungarian folk dance) with beautiful expression of cabaret dance accompanied by splendid Balkan music. Balkan fusion show is a synthesis of traditional Hungarian folk dance and modern culture that both intertwine in one breathtaking performance.