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Participation conditions of the concert 11.07.2009. (in Jurmala)

1. In the concert take place just those groups and dancers, who will e-mail the registration form no later than 01.07.2009. If the participant wants to perform several dances, it is needed to fill in several registration forms, i.e. different form for the each dance.

2. Dance can be no longer than 5 minutes in the day concert and 10 minutes in the night concert.

3. Participants, who will take part in the concert, should pay symbolic fee – 3Ls per person per each dance. Fee should be paid during the registration before the concert.

4. Registration and passing on the music are to be no later than one hour before dance bloc, where your dance is going to be (for example, if your dance is in bloc 12:00-300, music should be given before 11:00). You will be informed about the time of your performance by e-mail.

We invite to register online all who are willing to participate in the oriental dance concerts!