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Party-Bellydance lesson

Scenario of the entertaining lesson of the Oriantal dance:

Optimal duration of the lesson – 3h

1. First hour – theoretical in the way of the hospitable Oriental tea-drinking tradition Teacher as well as the consultant-choreograph of the exsotic dace theater “Karinedance” in an informal atmoshere, enjoing tea with Eastern sweets, will inform the audience about:

  • the histroy of the creation of the Oriental dance,
  • curios facts about the belly dance,
  • particularities of the Orienatal make-up,
  • and many many more….

    2. Second hour – practical lesson (60 min) Teacher as well as the consultant-choreograph of the exsotic dace theater “Karinedance” will conduct the practical lesson on the Oriental dance (belly dance). During the lesson guests of the evening will have an opportunity to learn:

  • the technical basis of the belly dance;
  • some easy movements;
  • not so difficult chorepgraphy on the popular Oriental music!

    All the guest will receive an indespensible accessory of the Oriental dance – hip shawl with coins!!!

    3. The last hour – short show-programme as well as a mini photo saloon.

    2-3 bright dance shows in the performance of the Oriental dance masters.

    Group photos with a unique opportunity to make photos with different Oriental accessories (cane, shawls, fans, sables, daggers, Egyptian wings etc.)

    Attention!!! We advise to combine “Party-Bellydance Lesson” with a service “Oriental Beauty Saloon”!!!

  • Tent of Shakherezada (Oriental decorations)

  • Water-pipe room

  • Oriental Beauty Saloon

  • Oriental tearoom