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Heart full and as always creative Karine birthday greetings from Jelgava's group. Thank you my darling girls !

Fantasy by Iriu Valante

Christmas performances of exotic dance theatre "Karinedance" in German`s capital - Berlin!

The new Show by Exotic Dance Theatre "Karinedance" - "The dance of Antique nimfs"!

Strip Dance Plastic by Karine Paronyanc! You are very welcome to participate in Strip Dance plastic course of Exotic Dance Theatre "Karinedance"!

Exotic Dance Theatre "Karinedance" at the Festival "Piramida"!

Superstars' Photostudio by Karinedance at "Spice" Shopping Festival!

Our dancer Rahella performing on her tour around India!

Show group is back on track!
Strip Dance plastic by Karine!

Show group weekend in Tervete’s National Park!
We know how to party!

MINI 50. Anniversary !
We know how to party in a posh way!