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We offer possibility to acquaint with the ancient East world and its unforgettable traditions!

Tea ceremony was based on ancient Chinese traditions could be your fest’s, corporative parties or bridal shower`s sultana. During this cult mystery you will move to ancient China (because there was born tea drinking ceremony), will find out interesting legends in accordance with this cult, and will feel emotions and warmth of your internal world in such condition, in which you never did it before.

During the ceremony, master will tell about the history, traditions and types of ceremonies. As well you will get information how correctly is to make tea, discover tasty drink`s making secrets, and get recommendations, how to choose tea correctly. As well you will enjoy genuine green tea, one of the best sorts, brought from China.

Around the tea desk from the beginning till the end comes the feeling, that person can inquire himself and achieve all he needs in his life, or can enjoy the moment, or immerse in his thoughts – how often does it happen in our life?

Poem of Hu Tun, became as sampler in the modern Chinese editions about tea, devoted to seven feelings during the drinking of the seven phials of tea:

First phial moistened lips, in the throat such a feeling like first rain in spring. Second – loneliness and sadness vanish. Third – garbage are moistened: thoughts about hopeless existence drift away; Readied old tractates are remembered. After the fourth – dew sweat on the forehead, deviate from the family problems, authorities. Fifth: lightly in bones and veins – Am I really become younger? Slowly sixth was tasted – soul wakes up. Seventh: flight in breast, hands remember movements „clouds”, which in young age were often repeated.

You can order both tea ceremony, which will excellent suit to the whole Karinedance exotic theatre`s show program during your celebration in company with west beauties; and just entertainment –information lecture about old China cult, where Expert will tell and show prudence of tea ceremonies` management.